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CapWIN Global View+GIS


CapWIN Global View+GIS provides users with a comprehensive picture of live incidents and events taking place in their jurisdiction and across the region.  Including data from transportation, transit, public safety, and emergency management agencies, CapWIN GlobalView+GIS enables first responders in the field and command centers with immediate access to incident data from across jurisdictions and disciplines.  CapWIN Global View+GIS displays geo-located incidents on an interactive map display, and enables users with standard GPS-enabled mobile devices to view and track their position relative to incidents.  The result is a comprehensive view of incidents spanning agencies and jurisdictions.


CapWIN Comm-Link


CapWIN Comm-Link provides direct, real-time data communications to all CapWIN participants regardless of discipline or jurisdiction.  Providing robust and secure messaging tools, CapWIN participants can communicate instantly one-to-one or in public or private groups supporting specific incidents or activities taking place in CapWIN.  CapWIN Comm-Link includes a robust and searchable skill-based directory of all CapWIN user profiles enabling easy access to contact information for on- or off-line users.

CapWIN Comm-Link also provides robust incident coordination tools, including file and photo sharing, live field updating, and incident event logging capabilities.  These tools are accessible to all CapWIN users, enabling multiple jurisdictions and disciplines to share information and to coordinate their response to different types of incidents.

In addition, CapWIN Comm-Link supports agency-specific and system-wide “Message Alerts” allowing Agency Leaders/Administrators to instantly disseminate critical information to their users or to all online CapWIN participants.




CapWIN LEAccess provides law enforcement officers with secure field access to multiple state and Federal law enforcement databases.  Through its FIPS 140-2 certified wireless connections to WALES (District of Columbia), MILES (Maryland), VCIN (Virginia) mobile terminal interfaces each of which provides supplemental access to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC), CapWIN LEAccess provides law enforcement officers in the field with the mission critical that the need to do their job effectively.  CapWIN LEAccess also provides field access to Maryland Driver’s License photos, as well as “mug shots” available from NCIC and VCIN.

CapWIN LEAccess is also designed to work in tandem with other commercial and custom software solutions, including “e-Ticketing” as well as voice-control and text-to-speech software.





CapWIN InfoShare is a robust networking infrastructure that enables real-time data access and exchange across multiple public safety, transportation, and emergency management databases.  CapWIN InfoShare automatically integrates data from external systems into its GlobalView+GIS interface, providing a common display of multiple incidents to CapWIN users.

Based on Federal standards (NIEM/CAP), CapWIN InfoShare currently provides access to:

  • Maryland Criminal Justice Data System (MILES/METERS)
  • Virginia Criminal Justice Information Network (VCIN)
  • D.C. Criminal Justice Data (WALES)
  • Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) including:
    • Maryland Statewide Transportation Incident Data
    • Northern Virginia Smart Traffic Center Transportation Incident Data
  • Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration Driver’s License Photos
  • National Crime Information Center and Virginia photo mug shot images
  • Regional Emergency Management Center Data (WebEOC Regional Message Board)
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) incident data from participating agencies
  • Geographic Information System (mapping) data
  • Metropolitan Washington Regional Pawn Database

Built on a flexible and scalable architecture, CapWIN InfoShare can quickly integrate with other standards-based data networks.  For example, CapWIN InfoShare implemented a secure Web Service to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to deliver driver’s license photos to field officers in less than a week!