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CapWIN Endorsements

The following are quotations from CapWIN key supporters and user agencies. We are pleased to have their endorsement and support.

Chief Randy Wright, Oakland, Maryland Police Department

"CapWIN is fantastic! Before I had CapWIN, I had to rely on the radio in my car for communications with my dispatcher and other units. CapWIN helped resolve the issue of bad spots where at times you can't communicate at all via the radio.  I am able to talk to my dispatcher wherever I am, without any problems.  The dispatchers have been using it to send me on calls, and I am able to run drivers licenses and vehicle registrations in the field.  I just thought I'd share a little success story with you and to say thanks for all the hard work you all do there to keep the system running so smoothly.  It's made the job a lot easier, and I am very glad that we have it! Thanks so much!!!"

Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD)

"CapWIN has proved to be an essential tool for public safety and transportation agencies across the region working to enhance information sharing, wireless data management and general communications. As a result of the innovative CapWIN technology and program, first responders and law enforcement are able to more effectively respond to incidents and improve their day-to-day operations to keep our communities safe. I am proud to have secured federal funding to help expand this program, which has been so effective in improving efficiency and coordination across agencies and jurisdictions."

Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)

"It is essential that our emergency responders have the ability to work together on an immediate and emergency basis when it comes to confronting the issues of our region...that is what CapWIN is all about."

Sgt. Julio Valcarcel, Maryland State Police, Retired

"CapWIN's text messaging capabilities ensure clarity of communications across jurisdictions and disciplines thereby avoiding the potential problems of agencies using different radio codes to describe incidents."

Chief Douglas Davis, Waynesboro, Virginia Police, Retired

"The use of wireless data technology has become the 'business standard' for law enforcement in the 21st century and Waynesboro is pleased to participate in [CapWIN] to share data and facilitate communications across public safety and other first responder disciplines."

Deputy Fire Chief, CIO Demetrios Vlassopoulos, District of Columbia Fire and EMS

"Here in the Nation's Capital, we routinely are involved with other agencies that we can't immediately speak to each other via radio. CapWIN provides a secure messaging platform available to other Area Commanders which keeps us prepared in case a major event strikes, either during a preplanned event or anytime."

Captain James Cox, Galax, Virginia Police Department

"Thanks for all you do. We would be lost without CapWIN now!"

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