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CapWIN Governance

The CapWIN program operates under the direction of a 21 member Board of Directors.  Membership on the Board includes five representatives from state and local agencies in Virginia and five in Maryland (two state agencies, three local); five agencies from the District of Columbia; and six At-Large agencies representing federal agencies, regional authorities, and other relevant organizations.  Each category of members nominates candidates for membership from their ranks giving due diligence to ensure a cross section of disciplines is represented on the Board.  The Board operates under a set of By-Laws that define the membership and operating procedures.

In a formal statement of Mission & Objectives the Board of Directors defined CapWIN’s mission as follows:

The CapWIN Coalition promotes and enables interoperable data communications, access to operational data, and incident coordination to public safety, transportation, and other first responder agencies in the field, across Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, and the federal government in order to strengthen their collective ability to secure the welfare of the public.

The statement goes on to describe three broad objectives:

  • Sponsor the development of policies, procedures and protocols for information sharing across agency, jurisdiction and discipline boundaries;
  • Promote the development and use of tools that will provide first responders with access to information and will support communications among field operatives; and
  • Support solutions that are grounded in local operational needs but are consistent with national standards.

The University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Transportation Technology is responsible for implementing the goals and objectives established by the Board of Directors.